Since you started looking at this


Kilograms of plastic have polluted our oceans

Since you started looking at this​ 0 Kilograms of plastic have polluted our oceans ​

  • The most recycled and recyclable packaging on the planet.

  • Recyclable forever and ever and ever and ever.

  • Could be back in your hands in as little as 60 days.

  • 19th Century chic - 75% of the aluminium that was produced back in the 1800's is still in circulation today.

  • Made from more than 50% recycled content and 100% better looking than a bottle.

  • Paying it forward - every drinks can recycled reduces the carbon footprint of the next.

Don't Bottle It!

Refresh, Reseal, Recycle

Just like the plastic part on your deodorant, our resealable lid is separated from the can during the recycling process. It’ll be recycled or incinerated within a controlled environment. The best bit? The waste energy powers the recycling process.

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