Don’t Bottle It!

A Solution

Is Here

Sourced from the
Austrian Alps…

Our water is
pure and fresh

Keeping you refreshed
and hydrated

A better way to
drink water

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..and ever and ever! Bottles stick around for ages, clogging up our oceans and forests. Our cans are recyclable forever – they could be back in your hands in as little as 60 days.

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Pop, stop and don’t waste a drop. We made a version with a lid so you can come back for more. Resealable AND recyclable? How convenient.

We put water in a can to make it easier for everyone to reduce plastic pollution. It’s why we’ve never sold a plastic bottle and never will.

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Welcome to the movement

It’s not just a can, it’s a lifestyle… We embody “Don’t Bottle It!” energy in everything we do.

On the run

Sometimes a little sip will do. Don’t waste a drop – simply reseal the can and hydrate later. All the sustainability of a can, but resealable. 

Down in one

The ring pull top suits bigger thirsts. Just remember to recycle the can when you’re done.

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