Don't bottle it!


You may never want to drink from
a plastic bottle again.

Sourced from
UK springs

We won’t bore you with tales of mountain water clichés.

Here’s the deal: our California-born water is simply, undeniably, really, really good!

Plus, we’ve amped it up with electrolytes for that extra oomph, all sealed in our BPA-free cans, so your sip is not just refreshing but also sustainably sourced in California.

And you already know why cans!

Cans are the most recycled and recyclable drinks packaging on the planet. This means that when a can is recycled it could be back on the shelf as a brand new can in as little as 60 days!

Cano Water® pioneered the revolutionary concept of canned water, showcasing that cans are not only infinitely better for the environment than plastic but also a trailblazing step towards sustainable hydration.

..and ever and ever! Bottles stick around for ages, clogging up our oceans. Our cans are recyclable forever – they could be back in your hands in as little as 60 days.

Aluminium cans protect the water from heat and light meaning the water can stay cool and fresh for much longer.

We put water in a can to make it easier for everyone to reduce plastic pollution. It’s why we’ve never sold a plastic bottle and never will.

On the run

Sometimes a little sip will do. Don’t waste a drop – simply reseal the can and hydrate later. All the sustainability of a can, but resealable. 

Down in one

The ring pull top suits bigger thirsts. Just remember to recycle the can when you’re done.


It’s not just a can, it’s a lifestyle… We embody “Don’t Bottle It!” energy in everything we do.

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